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A Maryland Roofers View of Our
Famous $247 Roof Repair

What is your first thought when you look out into your front yard and you see torn shingles laying in the grass? Are they mine? Boy, I hope they're not mine. Then you look up on your roof only to see a bare spot with shingles flapping in the wind.

You look around the neighborhood and see that many families are having exactly the same problem. "Well, we live in a windy area," you reason.

Actually, when many roofs in your subdivision are losing shingles, it's usually a result of the builder's roofer making a mistake of some kind, and from my 33 years of inspecting and repairing roofs in Maryland -- it usually affects almost every home in the neighborhood.

Watch this video and you will see a few of the most common mistakes roofers make; usually resulting in some expensive repairs for you -- the homeowner.

The good news is, we offer a service in Maryland we call our "$247 Roof Repair", which inexpensively solves your roofing problems before they become major. You can check out the details here:  $247 Md Roof Estimate

Our roofing customers tell me that the most valuable part of the service is the  before, during, and after pictures we post online so they can see what was actually done, as promised. Very comforting.

No one else in our area does anything like this.