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About Home Restorations Md

Md Roofer Bill Thomas"Hi, I'm Bill Thomas of Home Restorations Md.  I usually like to talk about YOU, and your roofing needs; but since this is the 'About Us' page, I guess I'll talk a little bit about our company and how we're different . . .

And yes, we are truly different.  Most other Maryland Roofers don't like us very much.  Why?

Because they think we don't play fair.  We have designed a system that makes things easier for YOU, our prospective client.  Our competition doesn't like that much . . .

While most of the other 'Roofers' are doing business the 'old fashioned' way with 'sales pitches', 'generic forms', and just wasting your valuable time -- we're using email, digital pictures, and online video to get information to you, at your own convenience, according to YOUR time schedule and not ours.

Need A Md Roof Estimate?  Oh my . . .

Most folks tell me that getting estimates is a real burden.  First, most roofing 'salesmen' require you (and your spouse) to be home for a couple of hours while they:

1) Measure the roof (usually from the ground)
Getting roofing estimates can be a headache
2) Draw up some diagrams

3) Price things out

4) Show a bunch of samples of what they want to sell you

5) Then try to lay a heavy duty sales pitch on you . . .

6) Bore you to death talking about how great their company is

7) Then you sit there while they fill out the contract for a half an hour

8) They drop the price in half when you don't buy right away

9) They call their "manager" on the phone and offer a manager's special for "today only"

10) When that doesn't work they might try the "hey we'll give you a discount if we can put a sign in your yard" tactic

11) Then there's the "well, while we're in the neighborhood it'll be cheaper" pitch

12) And about a dozen other silly reasons to buy right this second or you lose out!

C'mon!  People don't fall for that stuff anymore. 

So why are they still doing it?  I don't know.  And that's if they even show up at the scheduled time.  People tell me that half the time the roofer never showed up... or rescheduled, or something.

How About This Scenario?

You found our company, Home Restorations Md,  while browsing on the internet.  That's likely because our videos and website usually rank on the first page when you do a Google search.Md Roof Customer

Well, you're here so you probably typed in "Md Roof Estimate" or "Md Roof Repair" or something like that . . .

Or maybe a friend referred you to our site.

Then after you found the information you were looking for, you filled out our simple online form to get your free estimate. (I hear from my people that some companies are even charging for estimates now!  Wow!)

Here's What Happens Next:

1) You get a thank you email from me personally -- usually right away.  Yes, it's from me; not a machine.

2) I'll ask for permission to get up on your roof and take measurements, pictures, and maybe some video.  You don't even have to be there . . .

3) Then I put together all of your information:

  • Pictures with text showing you what I found
  • Video
  • Diagrams
  • Options that you have
  • Samples for you to see
  • References
  • A detailed written proposal
  • Pricing with no hidden add-ons
Everything you could want to make an informed decision.  And it's totally customized . . . the pictures, video and diagrams are of your roof, not some standardized junk.  No standard forms with 'fill in the blanks' and 'check boxes', I promise.

And . . . so far you haven't had to invest hours in the process.  Nice.

We Want To Make Things Easy and Convenient For You

Now What?

1) I will post all of this information online on a special web page created just for you.

2) You will get an email from me with links to click on to get your goodies.

3) You now get to look everything over when you're in the right frame of mind.Maryland Roof Estimate Online

You can review your information anywhere you have an internet connection. Any time you want. In your pajamas if you wish.

Now if you want to advance the relationship, we can get together.  Or not.  Your choice . . .

Some people are so happy with the way things are done that they just sign the contract and fax or email it right to us.  Almost totally automated. No time wasted -- that's just some peoples' style.  YOU can do it any way you want.

You Won't Find Me SELLING You a New Roof!

That's Right. It's your decision to BUY if you wish.  You'll never be pressured.

If you do get a roof, however -- and you're stuck between a couple of different shingle colors, we'll actually put shingles of those two or three colors on your existing roof so you can stand back and take a look.  Some colors look a lot different up there than they do on that little sample board.

Now you can see why most other roofers DO NOT like us.  But that's OK -- we wear that as a 'Badge of Honor'.

Q:  "Well, Bill, maybe I don't need a new roof.  Maybe I just need a repair.  Are you going to be like every other roofer I've had out -- that no matter what -- says I need a whole new roof?  My roof's only eight years old!"

No.  I hear ya'.  That's a problem in the roofing business.  Actually, it has a lot to do with the way many of my competitors set up their business . . . 

Here's the main problem.  It all has to do with money.

Take your average roofing salesman.  Most of them make around 10%.  He has to:

1)  Drive to your house
2)  Get up on the roof (well, maybe)
3)  Figure out what's wrong (which is a skill even better salespeople just don't have)
3)  Sometimes go up in the attic
4)  Write up a contract
5)  Convince one of the company's crews to do the work
6)  Get that big fat commission check

That's right, about $30 to 40 bucks for a few hours of work and pay for gas too. 

Or . . . throw out a longshot, try to sell you a new roof, hope you bite, and make 10% of fifteen-to-twenty-thousand-dollars.   Hmmmm.  Sound familiar?

For many roofing companies there's not enough money in roof repairs for them to do it any other way.  Unless they just send some guy out to smear a little 'goop' around for fifteen minutes and 300 dollars.

But WE ARE set up to take care of your Md roof repairs, and we do a lot of 'em.  Sure, we love the BIG jobs too.  But if you just need a repair -- we'll tell you that -- and then take great care of you.  See, we figured out how to do it right and get the costs down where they belong.  Check it out here.

Just another reason for the 'other guys' to dislike our so-called 'unfair' tactics.

Please feel free to browse around our site.  If you don't find what you're looking for, or have a suggestion, just drop me an email

When you DO find what you're looking for, please fill out one of the forms -- or give me a call.  My computer is almost always online, even when I'm on the job.  I'm usually returning emails the same day; or by evening.

Thanks very much for stopping by.  It's truly appreciated.  Hope we can help.

Bill Thomas