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Fan Vent Flashing

Replacing a Leaking Steel Fan Hood Flashing with a New Aluminum Unit

 Old steel fan vent flashing
 Old Steel Fan Vent Flashing Before Replacement (by Home Restorations Md)

 New aluminum fan vent flashing
 New Aluminum Fan Vent Flashing Installed by Home Restorations Md - We always, always, always replace all flashings involved with penetrations on every new roof we install, for your protection.  80% of all roofing leaks are either due to faulty or worn out flashings, or where the new shingles meet flashings.

The reason I'm stressing this is because on most new roofs done by other contractors that I "repair", the company either did not replace the old flashings, or installed the new flashings incorrectly.

Additionally, we'll protect the roof deck with Certainteed WinterGuard "Ice and Water Shield" before installing the new flashings, underlayment, and shingles.

Also, make sure you get a fixed price contract for your roof job or roof repair to guarantee you are covered -- and try to deal only with a md roofing contractor that will supply you with before, during, and after photographs of your  job.