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Md Roofer Bill ThomasGet a "No Hassle" Md Roof Estimate Today: You Save Time, Money, and Headaches!

Yes, that's me, Bill Thomas, in the middle of another roof analysis and estimate -- making sure that you get all of the pictures, videos, diagrams, and other information you need so you can make a truly informed decision regarding your new roof.

So what's up with the computer on the roof?  Well, sending your personalized estimate via the internet is the best way for me to get you the information you need right away, so that we can get your new roofing project going and avoid damage to your home.

The Problem With Getting Roofing Estimates

Let's face it, getting roof estimates can be a real hassle.  Meeting with three or four roofing contractors can take hours, days, or sometimes even a week or more!  That's a big wasted chunk out of your busy schedule.  It's time consuming but it doesn't have to be.  Plus, people tell me that half of the roofers they called never even show up!  So, sometimes you're at the mercy of picking from the ones that just make the appointment.

Which Md Roofer Can I Trust to Tell Me What I Really Need?"

Can you believe that many roofing salesman never even get up on the roof to make an inspection? I can't believe it either. How would they ever have a clue what hidden problems are lurking under the shingles, flashings, vents, or fascia for that matter? I don't know.

Do you think they charge the top price, expecting to replace all those things? Or do you think they could "lowball" the price and then hit you with "the big surprise" upcharge when they're actually on the roof doing the work? I know that both of these things happen because in my "almost 40" years of being in the roofing business, I've seen it -and heard about it- a lot.

Will I Get The Best Roof Installation?"

It surprises me that when I ask homeowners if their roofer did a good job, they respond, "I don't know -- we'll see when it rains." That's a lot of pressure wondering if your roof was done right, and worrying about bad weather. Especially if you've had a bad experience or two with roofers.

Having said that, we are often called upon to repair roofs that are less than five (5) years old. Sometimes, the installer can't even fix the problem, if he can be found . . . so the homeowner calls us. We have plenty of photos in our "Pictures" section on this website that prove it.

Don't put yourself in that position.

Here's How We Simplify Getting A Roof Estimate:

Unlike many roofing salesmen, I always get up on the roof and inspect every square foot. While I'm inspecting, I'm also taking high quality digital pictures and video of your roof to show you things you need to know to make better, more informed decisions.

It's all documented and you get to actually see it online!

Personalized Online Pictures and Video Help You See What's Happening

I'll immediately process the pictures and video put them online where they're easy for you to see. Then I will send a link to your email. All you have to do is click on the link, and all of the information you need will be there. Plus, you can share the link with others; or pass it along to friends who may also need our roofing services.

It's much easier to make smarter decisions when you're informed and not under pressure. You can review your material in comfort, wherever and whenever you wish . . . and because I am posting your pictures and video on "your own special web page", no large files are being transferred by email.

Your computer won't slow down to a crawl or be at risk of being infected with a virus. And, you won't have to deal with any "High Pressure" salesman. That might be the best part of all . . .

Our "Fixed Pricing" Policy Eliminates Costly Surprises

Detailed pricing information will be addressed in our "fixed price proposal". There will be NO upsells, NO add-ons, NO surprises, or any other type of "monkey business". There will be NO hourly rate charges or other variable pricing methods. If there's a risk of questionable plywood that we can't see until we remove some shingles, we'll quote a fixed price per square foot beforehand and then completely document the replacement with photos (after talking to you first, of course).

Please don't ever sign a contract with anyone that doesn't completely close all of the "loopholes" concerning price. And please stay away from those "bottom feeders" that sell on low price only. There is usually a reason that they have to cut their prices way down to get the work.

Follow Up Pictures And A Ten (10) Year No Leak Guarantee Offer Security and Peace-Of-Mind.

OK, now that we've solved the first two problems, let's concentrate on the follow up. Over the years many of my customers have enjoyed seeing "close ups" of their completed roofing work. So a couple of years ago I just made before, during, and after pictures our standard procedure. Folks really like looking at the quality of the work and verifying that all of the work was done right, as promised.

Plus, we really don't want you to risk getting up on your roof just to have a look. Leave that to a professional, please.

In additional to the shingle manufacturer's materials warranty, we issue you a "Ten (10) Year No Leak Guarantee" that covers all of the labor required for us to fix unexpected leaks in the first ten years after our installation. No questions asked and no strings attached!

Plus Limited Time Free Upgrades Totalling Up to $1,797.00 . . . Or More!

Yes, it's true; for a limited time, I'm throwing in our "Signature Upgrades" at no additional cost. I won't be offering this forever -- so take advantage of it while you can:

  • Free "Ice and Water System" Upgrade -- Save $600.00 
  • Free Synthetic Underlayment Upgrade -- Save $500.00 
  • Free Shingle Vent Ridge Vent Upgrade -- Save $697.00 
  • Total Free Upgrades Save Up To $1,797.00 or More!
    (based on average house roof size of 24 squares, details here)

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OK, So What's Next?
Please just fill out the simple form there on the right, click the "Roof Estimate w/Photos" button, and we'll get things started for you. Your pictures, video, and pricing will arrive usually within a day or so.

If you have any special or unique concerns, simply type them into the "details" box.

And, you may click on the link right below to evaluate a sample estimate if you wish:

See A Sample Md Roof Estimate

That's all there is to it!

Thank you. I'll be looking forward to analyzing your roof and getting your information together. And we'll take great care of you. Promise.

Waldorf Maryland Roof Repair"I have done business with Bill for several years and can rely on his prompt and professional repair with reasonable prices."

"I like the fact that I can come home from work knowing my roof is repaired, and I didn't have to do it myself. After my busy day to day schedule, I do not have time or the desire to climb around on my roof fixing wind damaged shingles-We live in a high-wind area with a steep pitched roof, and lose shingle tabs each year. The trick is to repair the damaged shingles before the wood becomes exposed, wet and eventually rot.

"I have done business with Bill for several years and can rely on his prompt and professional repair with reasonable prices. It is also pretty cool to see the before and after pictures. Thanks man."

William Stevenson - Waldorf, Maryland 20601 

Silver Spring Md New RoofWhat really sold me was the before, during, and after pictures posted on the Home Restorations website" 

"Bill, my new Certainteed Horizon Roof looks great! Thanks for the professional service.

"Your Digital Roof Estimate is a great idea. What really sold me was the before, during, and after pictures posted on the Home Restorations website. Great way to look at some of your completed jobs, with an added bonus of being able to see what the shingle colors look like. I see Home Restorations is now replacing some of my neighbors roofs. Congratulations on a great system and great roofing service. . .

"The Certainteed Shingle Vent II also looks great and is a big improvement."

Conrad Carpenter - Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 

". . . in fact, he was the only roofer of several to actually go up on the roof to see what was required before providing me with an estimate . . ."

"It was a pleasure doing business with Home Restorations (Mr. Bill Thomas).  I had two layers of roofing shingles removed and Certainteed  XT25 Shingles installed, Certainteed Shingle Vent II installed, vinyl soffit installed, PVC covered aluminum installed on the fascia boards under the gutter, PVC covered aluminum on the rake boards, and a chimney cap.

"Also, dealing with Home Restorations was very convenient in that we were able to work out all of the details of the contract via email, including the roofing photos (no extra charge), of what was required before we actually met to sign the contract.  During the course of the work we discovered a gutter problem not related to the roofing installation and it was repaired for only the cost of materials.

"I am extremely satisfied with the work done by Home Restorations and highly recommend this contractor."

John Davidson - Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

"I would highly recommend Bill Thomas for any type of roofing job.   He genuinely seems to enjoy helping people solve their problems and does a terrific job."

"Our experience with Bill Thomas was great. We had a leaky roof that needed to be repaired, and Bill was ready, willing, and able to do the job for us, and at a quite reasonable price.

"In looking for a contractor to do the job, right off the bat I was struck by the appeal of Bill’s website that showed the details of a number of before, after, and in-progress roofing projects via photos and annotations. This showed how various projects were completed and really gave me a good idea of the professionalism and thoroughness of Bill’s approach to the job. That expectation was borne out fully by the work Bill did in making the repair, and being able to see exactly what he had done, through the documentary photos he took during the project, was most interesting and reassuring.

"Bill was also kind enough to do a few maintenance extras for us at no additional charge, while he was up on the roof! We were so pleased with his work that we additionally contracted with Bill to repair our chimney enclosure, whose wood corner pieces had rotted out. That job was also done quickly, efficiently, and with an engineer’s attention to detail and quality.

"I would highly recommend Bill Thomas for any type of roofing job.    He genuinely seems to enjoy helping people solve their problems and does a terrific job."

Barry Turnrose - Bowie, Maryland 20720

"We had four contractors look at the roof and Mr. Thomas was the only one who gave us a detailed analysis of our roof by showing us pictures"

" We had a roof problem that was caused by a tree.  We called Mr. Thomas to come take a look on Thursday and he managed to fit in the schedule and fix the leaky area the following Wednesday.  Most other contractors cannot do it until 4 to 6 weeks.  We had four contractors look at the roof and Mr. Thomas was the only one who gave us a detailed analysis of our roof by showing us pictures (see comment later).  Additionally, his price was significantly lower than other contractors.

"The roof looks fantastic.  Mr. Thomas personally did the whole work by himself without contracting out to other contractors.  While we can't compare his work with other companies, we can't imagine that other companies could do a better job for Mr. Thomas was meticulous in getting things done properly.  Mr. Thomas took pictures of before and after so that we know what was done.  As homeowners, this is a great service since we're not around to see what was done.

"While replacing the roof, we thought it would be a good idea to install Solatube Skylights in our family room.  Even though it wasn't in the contract, Mr. Thomas installed the flashings to make sure that the skylights were weather tight at no additional charge.

"Throughout the whole process, Mr. Thomas gave us his honest feedback.  We never felt like he was trying to sell or pressure us.

"We are very happy with the work.  We would highly recommend Mr. Thomas to anyone who is looking to repair or replace his or her roof (or gutters).

Khoa Vo - Rockville, Maryland 20852

"Exceptionally well prepared to do business."

"Exceptionally well prepared to do business.  Very impressive, businesslike, and friendly in his approach.  Very good value.  We're very pleased and would consider using Mr. Thomas again."

David Monahan - Bethesda, Maryland 20814

"He left us a CD containing pictures of the roof work before, during, and after the repairs were made."

"Mr. Thomas was the best.  We lost roofing shingles during a heavy wind storm recently and they were calling for rain 3 days later. Needless to say, we wanted the roof fixed before then. 

"Mr. Thomas contacted us right away, gave an estimate, and was there to perform the work within 48 hours.  The work was awesome (even better than what was already there).  He left us a CD containing pictures of the work before, during, and after the repairs were made.

"We'll be using him for other things in the near future and would definitely recommend him to others."

Jim Williams - Waldorf, Maryland 20602

"We liked Bill and his work so much . . ."

"We liked Bill and his work so much we also hired him to do replacement siding.  Fantastic guy and equally fantastic workmanship!"

Bonnie Royle-Allen - Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

"  When he sent the bill, it also included before and after pictures of what he saw and repaired. That alone is worth the price!"

"My ridge vent blew off in one of the recent storms. I called several places and was told they could not get to me until the following week.  In the meantime, water was pouring into my house each day it rained, and it rained every day that week. 

"Bill came the very next day and repaired the roof . . . without my being home. We were in close phone contact throughout the process. He kept me informed with exactly what he found and how much it would cost to do the repairs.

"When he sent the bill, it also included before and after pictures of what he saw and repaired.  That alone is worth the price! I have never been treated with such kid gloves and it really feels great! I highly recommend this company and will spread the word and use them again!  Thanks again, Bill."

Tajeta Rice - Bowie, Maryland 20716

" Home Restorations fit us into their busy schedule and completed the work in a timely and professional manner."

"With rain expected and no time to waste to repair a leak in our roof, Home Restorations fit us into their busy schedule and completed the work in a timely and professional manner.

"Their staff were consistently well organized, courteous and professional in every aspect of completing the work.  Will definitely use this company again in the future."

C J Lambert - Potomac, Maryland 20854

"They provided photos of before and after the work . . ."

"I was very pleased with the professional service we received from Home Restorations. They provided photos of before and after the work, as well as an estimate for the inside repair work as a result of the leaking roof.  I definitely recommend them."

James Wilkerson - Silver Spring, Maryland 20906 

". . . professionalism was the best!"

"Bill's work was excellent and his professionalism was the best! I have other work for him.  I would like Bill to return. Thanks! "

James Ryder - Clinton, Maryland 20735

" He clearly communicated the work that he would do both in the contract and
by providing digital pictures . . .

"Bill Thomas did a great job repairing my Cedar Shake Roof and installing a gutter and downspout, and did so at a reasonable price. He clearly communicated the work that he would do both in the contract and by providing digital pictures from both before and after the work. I highly recommend him."

Eric Heinmann - Potomac, Maryland 20854 

". . . thanks to Home Restorations things are back to normal . . ."

"Thanks much . . . I was having a difficult time finding someone to repair my roof . . . thanks to Home Restorations things are back to normal around my house. 

"Thanks . . . I'll pass the word around about your service offering."

Beth Friis - Laurel, Maryland 20708

"Bill did a wonderful job for us . . ."

"Bill did a wonderful job for us and my wife is very particular. We will have him do more work in the near future on the roof."

Robert Huff - Bethesda, Maryland 20892

" . . . quality of work was of a very professional caliber."

"We found Bill Thomas to be a very competent contractor. He was timely, courteous, and his quality of work was of a very professional caliber. I would not hesitate to hire him again."

Mary Hamilton - Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

" . . . very professional roofer. He went beyond the call of duty."

"Bill Thomas was a very professional roofer. I would recommend him to anyone. He exemplifies honesty, integrity and exceptional workmanship. He is a credit to the profession. He went beyond the call of duty to provide satisfactory service to the homeowner." 

Dorothy Bethea - Clinton, Maryland 20735

" Far better work than I could have expected."

"Bill Thomas was fantastic!  Far better work than I could have expected.  We needed roof repairs for a two-year old house.  He got to the job quickly, but gave us a price break because we had to wait for him to finish another job. 

"When he got on the roof, he found the builders had not properly attached a stand pipe that led to the damage, and a potentially dangerous carbon monoxide build up in the attic -- something my wife and I had never expected.  Mr. Thomas documented the damage and repairs -- clearly showing the missing seals on the stand pipe -- with a digital camera. 

"The construction flaw is apparently pretty common in our new neighborhood. . . and I'm passing the warning -- and a recommendation for Mr. Thomas on to my neighbors."

Sheila Barnes - Waldorf, Maryland 20603

"Thanks very much for your good work and attention to detail."

"Thanks very much for your good work and attention to detail.  Now we don't have to fear the next rain."

A Doucette - Silver Spring, Maryland 20904