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Subroof Repair

Rotten Subroof Discovered
 Plywood Subroof Replacement: After "tearing off" the old two layers of shingles and tarpaper, we get a good look at the existing plywood.  In this instance, penetrations in the roof were caused by a high-end gutter guard system, which required fasteners that were actually screwed through the shingles.

Every area is critical on a low-slope roof like this one -- and that's why I'm against using any gutter guards that use screws that pierce the shingle system.  It just doesn't make sense to me, and you can see the resulting damage below.

Rotten Plywood Subroof
 Rotten Plywood at Gutter Edge: This problem could have been prevented with our custom aluminum drip edge and WinterGuard "Ice and Water Shield" System.
Plywood sub roof installed
 New Plywood Installed: New 1/2" CDX plywood has been properly installed in place of the waterlogged, rotten old plywood and covered with our custom aluminum drip edge.

Ice and Water Shield
 Certainteed WinterGuard "Ice and Water Shield" being installed here would have certaintly eliminated the bad plywood problem.  After it is rolled out and the backing is removed, it will permanently adhere to the plywood and our custom 6" aluminum drip edge.

WinterGuard remains flexible and sticky, sealing around nails and guarantees a water tight seal to protect your home.