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Chimney Crown Repair

Most Roofers Never Even Inspect
Critical Problem Area. Why Not?

Md Chimney Crown
 Chimney Crown Replacement: This old chimney in Bethesda, Maryland was in pretty bad shape when we arrived.  The home-made DIY chimney caps weren't much to look at either, so we installed some newer up-to-date units (below).

Most Roofers don't even bother looking at the chimney crown.  "Why not?" I ask.  It's true that water from a leaky chimney crown can get down inside and cause LOTS of damage to the bricks and flu liner, and can also leak into the house and cause damage and mold growth.

Why not take care of the problem while we're up there?  Calling a masonry company would cost hundreds more; plus, we can coordinate the installation with the roofing work to avoid damage to the new roof . . .

New Mortar Crown
 New High Density Mortar Chimney Crown: After carefully chipping away the old mortar crown, we mix and skillfully apply the new high density crown mortar . . .
New crown and metal chimney cap
 . . . gently sloping the new material away from the flu liners so that water can run off properly . . .
Md Chimney Crown Completed
 . . . and the result is a beautifully restored chimney with new caps, mortar, and flashings; and no damage to the new roof.  Very nice!  Restoring the chimney crown is one of the most important AND most overlooked detail of a truly professional roof job.