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How to Get the Best Md Ridge
Vent Repair or Replacement

You've recently noticed water stains on the ceiling right over the hallway on the upper level of your home, so you call a roofing contractor to find and fix the roof leak. In most homes, the center hallway is right below the ridge of the roof; so the first place we usually start looking for this type of leak is at the ridge vent.

You call a licensed contractor and he sends someone out to find and fix the problem; then 90 days later the roof starts leaking again, even more than before, and you're past the 30 day warranty period.

That's exactly what happened to our customer that owns the home is in this video -- and the worst part is, even after his "warranty" had expired, the contractor was "hands off" with the new problem. If I were the contractor, I would have fixed it at no additional cost, done the customer "right", showed him with photos that it WAS done right, and then proceeded to do much more additional work in his neighborhood -- including all of the re-roofs in the near future.

I don't know what these other roofing contractors are thinking, but I see this kind of behavior all the time. You see, most roofing companies just want the "big jobs" so they're not set up properly to do roof repair work. It's just not in their business model, and they end up getting in trouble by overcharging for work they don't even want, and usually do it improperly.

Well, here's a big homeowner tip: Only hire a roofing company that can prove they're an expert in roof repairs -- and preferrably someone who can supply before, during, and after roofing pictures to show you that the roof was done as contracted -- and properly. This will completely eliminate roofing scams and just plain old "incompetent work".

By the way, the contractor that did the bad work in this video charged more than 2 times what we did and he just smearing gook over the leak; we replaced the ENTIRE metal ridge vent system, sealed some additional leaks with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant, cleaned and tightened the gutters, and performed some other helpful roofing maintenance.

So when it comes to hiring a good roof repair contractor, just say "no" if they can't provide proof of expertise in roof repairs, and only hire an expert roofer that will provide before, during, and after pictures of your project.