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Md Skylight Owners: How We Repair
A Leaky Skylight -- The Right Way!

How To Repair A Leaky Skylight The Right Way.

Attention Roof Owners: When you call a Contractor to fix a leaky skylight, what exactly are you to expect? Do you think the contractor is qualified to do the job right? Do you even know what goes into a good Certified Skylight Repair?

Will he use new shingles, ice and water shield, step flashing, and header flashing . . . or will he just head up to the roof with a tube of $1.59 roof caulking from Home Depot and smear the goo all over the place . . . causing a costly mess and more damge to your home?

This video shows you the right way WE fix skylight leaks, so now you know what to look for. Now, in my 33 years of doing Certified Skylight Repairs I don't think I have ever seen a repair (other than ours) done correctly. Mostly I just see goop, tape, tar, foam, latex caulk -- you name it -- smeared all over the leaky area. I just don't get it. Where's the knowledge; where's the pride?

Anyway, if you have a leaky skylight in your home, watch this video so you know what's going on. And if you're in the State of Maryland, click the link above and we'll come out and solve your skylight problems right away.

Need a replacement skylight installed? We do that as well; and we are VERY happy to help. Good luck with your project. Hope this helps.