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Replacing Skylights Fast & Easy

Let's say you've recently noticed that your skylight glass is fogged; yet after cleaning with Windex the streaking is still there. What's up with that?

Well, it sounds like the glass "seal" inside your insulated glass unit has failed, causing condensation and other contaminants to form inside the glass panes; making cleaning impossible and ruining your view. So what's the fix?

You have two choices: 1) Replace the insulated glass, and 2) Replace the entire skylight unit.

Believe it or not, it's usually cheaper to replace the entire skylight unit -- and that's probably a good thing -- because if the glass unit has failed then the skylight is probably old enough to need a flashing update also.

Watch the video to learn some important facts about replacing skylights -- and if you're in Maryland and need a good Md Roofing Contractor to do a guaranteed new skylight installation (with before, during, and after pictures posted online) -- or just need some helpful skylight information, click the following link: Md Skylights