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Skylight Replacement

Md Skylight
Md Skylight Glass
It's actually cheaper to replace the skylights rather than just replace the glass, plus the units are leaking around the frames, so here we go . . .
Skylight Removal
So for this skylight installation, we will:
  1. Remove Certainteed Landmark shingles around the perimeter of the existing skylights as necessary
  2. Remove the existing 2' x 4' WASCO Skylights
  3. Prepare the decking around the opening with Certainteed WinterGuard "Ice and Water Shield" to protect against leaks
  4. Install the new 2' x 4' WASCO Skylights with the new EPDM Flashing system
  5. Add new Certainteed Shingles to match existing around perimeter of skylights as per manufacturer's specifications.

Home Restorations Md warrants installation against leaks for ten (10) years.

Before During and After Skylight Pictures and Video:

As usual, everything went well with this skylight replacement.  The new WASCO skylights fit perfectly and no interior modifications were necessary. Here's what our customer had to say about the whole operation:

Hi Bill,

The PayPal billing and payment transaction went smoothly. The process was very easy and secure.

The video you sent me looks great. It was very informative. I've been showing it to everyone at work. I did not know it had rained while I was away, but when I got home, no leakage!!!! And of course the new skylights look terrific. Plus, I saved a ton of money with you.

Thanks so much for your professionalism and great work. I will be sure to pass along this favorable experience to the folks in my community. You have truly restored my confidence in home contractors. Please feel free to use my comments as you deem appropriate.

 Anita Allen - Severn, Md

We really can reduce the overall cost; sometimes by over half!  The key is that the newer, greatly improved WASCO Skylights retain the older interior dimensions, so they fit into the original chute without any interior alterations.  And:

  • The glass seals are much better and sealed with newer technology.
  • The newer EPDM built in flashing system is much improved requiring no roofing sealant.
  • It's usually cheaper to replace the whole skylight rather than just the glass unit; so you get the benefit of all the new improvements.

Caution:  Don't listen to the "other guys" that try to switch skylight brands on you.  It will only take more labor/materials to alter the interior "chute" and cost more money. WASCO has some updated glass options if you're interested in spending more money . . .

Guess what?  Many Contractors aren't even aware of this stuff! 

I'll be happy to personally inspect your leaky skylight(s) and let you know what your options are.  Simply fill out the form below, or call 240-435-4500 and leave me a message, and I promise to take great care of you . . .


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