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Skylight Repair

Almost All Builder's Skylights Leak!

Yes, it's true.  Almost all builder's after a period of time.  But it's not always their fault; it's could be the way some of the most popular skylights were designed.

Most of the "flush mount" models (mounted directly to the roof deck with no curb) have a very small flange around the perimeter of the unit.  The manufacturer's directions instruct the installer to mount the unit in a "bed of tar" surrounding the skylight opening.

I can't think of a worse way to install a skylight!  This old fashioned method is destined to fail.

Many homeowners think that skylight replacement is the answer.  Sometimes it is; but much of the time it's not necessary . . . unless the insulated glass seal has failed or higher energy efficiency is desired.

So I've devised a system to completely waterproof these units -- probably for the life of the roof!  The video above shows how it works.

First, we expertly cut back the shingles all around the perimeter of the skylight, inspecting for underlayment damage as we go,

Next, we carefully clean the old tar from the existing frame.  This must be done very carefully.  It's tedious and the surfaces must be almost perfectly clean.

The next step is a "trade secret": we install permanently sticky "ice and water shield" around the perimeter.  This material adheres to the underlayment forming a completely waterproof barrier.  Nice.

Now for "trade secret #2": we carefully weave aluminum step flashing into the shingles and tuck it up under the frame of the skylight -- then install a custom made aluminum header flashing, tucking it up under the frame as well.

Voila!  An instant, low cost skylight repair that won't leak and looks great.  Plus, no interior alteration is required!  (That's where most of the unexpected costs usually occur).

I'll be happy to personally inspect your leaky skylight to see if it qualifies for a low-cost permanent fix; OR you can get an estimate on a New Skylight.  Simply fill out the form below, or call (240) 435-4500 and leave me a message.

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