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Certainteed Landmark Resawn Shake
Prince Frederick, Maryland

Md Roof
 Prince Frederick New Roof Job: three tab 25 year shingles are leaking and moss, lichens, and falling debris have finally taken their toll.  We'll remove the two layers of shingles and reroof with synthetic underlayment and new Certainteed Lanndmark shingles; color - Resawn Shake.
Bad roof plywood
 Several plywood issues were revealed as the old layers of shingles were peeled from the plywood roof deck.  Here, all of this damage resulted from ONE bad pipe collar.  Three pieces of 1/2" CDX plywood were needed to correct the subroof.
replace roof plywood
 The opposite side of the roof was no different; one leaky pipe collar caused three sheets worth of plywood replacement.  Note the Berger UDL Synthetic Underlayment at the bottom of this section; it's a great back up to the roof we will be installing here shortly.

 Here's the old plywood.  You're looking at the section that faced the insulation in the cathedral style ceiling.  See the mold?  Yes, it's the black stuff in the center of the 4 x 8 plywood sheet.  Not very healthy, is it?  No problem, we're replacing parts of the old roof deck with "healthy" subroofing.
md roof shingles
 Nice, straight roofing lines always result when chalk lines are "struck" prior to nailing the Landmark Shingles.  That resawn shake color looks pretty nice, eh?
Kind of matches the rustic surroundings.
low slope ice and water shield
 This little "bump out" dormer is a 2.5 in 12 slope; so Certainteed WinterGuard "ice and water shield" was used as the underlayment.  Using this material will eliminate ice dams in the winter time, and protect against wind driven rain as well.  No more problems here . . .
Certainteed Landmark
 The Landmark shingle by Certainteed has a very defined color pattern that just looks great on this house.
Shingle vent
 The shingle vent ridge vent system will help ventilate the tricky cathedral areas of this home.  We could feel the heat rising out of the insulation cavaties just as soon as we cut the ventilation slot in the existing plywood.
shingle vent system
 The ridge vent system from end-to-end is nice and straight and will add a "green" element to the roofing system.  Ridge vents are considered green because they save energy without the assistance of fueled sources; like electricity required to power cooling fans . . .
CT Landmark Resawn Shake
 Another view from the top shows the ridge vent system, brand new pipe collar, and the new vent fan cover.  Note that the "Gutter Helmet" system was properly removed and replaced as we moved throught the new roof installation process.
Roof magnet
 What's that funny looking thing?  It's a fancy roofing magnet that picks up all of the nails that you just can't see after a roof tear off.  Lots of nails hit the ground no matter how hard we try to keep 'em on the roof.  It's unavoidable.
roofing debris
 Some of these nails we picked up weren't from the roofing job.  Just another small added bonus.
Md Architectural Shingles
 Ahhhhh, it's beautiful.  Another double-layer roofing tear off successfully reroofed using Certainteed Landmark Shingles, synthetic underlayment, and a new shingle vent ridge vent system.