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Md Shingle Repair Video    
The Number One Cause Of Md Shingle "Blowoffs" Is . . .  

Here's another Home Restorations video showing how incorrect nailing by the homebuilder eventually resulted in wind damage to a customer's roof in Waldorf, Maryland. Improper nailing by inexperienced roofers almost always results in unexpected damage. Home Restorations (www.MdRoofingServices.com) explains how using proper nailing techniques and high quality sealant, like Geocel Tripolymer, we restore and improve the existing roofing system. Many roofing companies would recommend [more...] 

Md Roofing Contractor Video  

Another Home Roof Inspection and Estimate in Bowie, Maryland by http://www.HomeRestorationsMD.com and this time with a roofing TIP. As you'll see in the video, some "roofing contractor" tried to fix this roof and really botched the job. The area was in the rear of the home, very high off the ground, and could not be seen by the homeowner from the ground. The result? A leaking roof and a lot of damage to the owner's family room ceiling. How can you avoid this happening to you? First, make sure the contractor has [ more...] 

$247 Roof Repair Video  

What is your first thought when you look out into your front yard and you see torn shingles laying in the grass? Are they mine? Boy, I hope they're not mine. Then you look up on your roof only to see a bare spot with shingles flapping in the wind.

You look around the neighborhood and see that many families are having exactly the same problem. "Well, we live in a windy area," you reason [ more...]

Repairing a Leaky Skylight Video   Md Skylight Owners: How We Repair A Leaky SkylightAttention Homeowners: When you call a Contractor to fix a leaky skylight, what exactly are you to expect? Do you think the contractor is qualified to do the job right? Do you even know what goes into a good Certified Skylight Repair?

Will he use new shingles, ice and water shield, step flashing, and header flashing . . . or will he just head up to the roof with a tube of $1.59 roof caulking from Home Depot and smear the goo all over the place . . . causing [ more...]
Md Roof Loading Video  
Md Roof Owners: How We Load Your Roof, Safely (of course)Maryland Homeowners often ask, "How many guys does it take to carry all of those shingles up on my roof?" and "How Long Does It Take?" "Just two," I say, "and it only takes about 20 minutes." Actually, the secret is with our supplier. They use a hi-tech crane, provide specialized safety equipment, and comply with all OSHA requirements. It sure makes our job easier, and is safe too. That way we can devote all of our efforts towards providing our trusting homeowner with the best roof job in Maryland . . . every single time. To find out more [more...]
Md Skylight Replacement Video  
Md Roof Contractor Makes Replacing Skylights Fast & Easy

So you've recently noticed that your skylight glass is fogged; yet after cleaning with Windex the streaking is still there. What's up with that? Well, it sounds like the glass "seal" inside your insulated glass unit has failed, causing condensation and other contaminants to form inside the glass panes; making cleaning impossible and ruining your view. So what's the fix? You have two choices: 1) Replace the insulated glass, and 2) Replace the entire skylight unit. Believe it or not, it's usually cheaper to replace the entire skylight unit -- and that's probably a good thing -- because [more...]
Md Ridge Vent Repair Video  

How to Get the Best Md Ridge Vent Repair or Replacement

You've recently noticed water stains on the ceiling right over the hallway on the upper level of your home, so you call a roofing contractor to find and fix the roof leak. In most homes, the center hallway is right below the ridge of the roof; so the first place we usually start looking for this type of leak is at the ridge vent.

So you call a licensed contractor and he sends someone out to find and fix the problem; then 90 days later the roof starts leaking again, even more than before, and [more...]
Md Pipe Collar Repair Video

First, the existing shingles being removed are cut just above the "keyways" with a hook blade knife, then the roofing nails are carefully removed so as not to tear the shingles. 2. Next, the nails on the leaking plastic pipe collar are removed with a pry bar -- then the collar itself is removed. 3. After cleaning the surface and installing two new base shingles, the new collar is placed over the PVC pipe and secured with 1-1/4" roofing nails. 4. A sealing bead of Geocel Tripolymer Sealant is placed in a circular ark around [more...]