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Roof Repair Lake Shore Md

Roof Repair Lake Shore Md

Replace pipe collars

Repair Nail Pops
Reseal Ridge vents and replace end plugs
Replace missing ridge caps
Certainteed XT25 ridge caps, color Oakwood
Reseal chimney with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant
 All of the preceding work will be covered by our $247 Md Roofing Special.  However, there is one area of the roof that is leaking, and requires more attention.  Actually, since you just moved in, I can't believe the home inspector didn't catch it.  Next is "the rest of the story".
Incorrectly installed shingles
Shingles installed wrong
Roof Repair Suggestions

Shoddy quick fix
 This is the "quick fix" used to stop the leaking.

Here's the correct roof repair:

1. Remove shingles and tarpaper down to the plywood
2. Remove about 2' of shingles in the adjoining valley
3. Inspect plywood. If any needs replacing, it will be done at $2.25/sq.ft.
4. Install "Ice and Water Shield" in valley, about 19' x 3' wide.
5. Install Synthetic UDL underlayment, about 200 sq.ft
6. Install new Certainteed XT25 Shingles, color Oakwood
7. Custom form and install base flashing between siding and new roofing, approximately 14 feet.
After Pictures:
New pipe collar
Pipe collar repair completed
Ridge vent end plug
Metal ridge vent serviced
Ridge vent sealed with Geocel
Chimney flashing resealed with Geocel
Proper alignment of shingles
Roof flashing leaking
Ice and water shield in valley
Custom valley flashing
Ice and water shield installed
Titanium UDL synthetic underlayment
Ready to install vinyl siding
Tyvek house wrap
Vinyl siding installed
Properly installed XT25 shingles
Certainteed XT25 Oakwood Shingles
New upper valley
Valley flashing
J Channel Caulking
New XT25 shingles
Lake Shore Md Roof Repair Completed