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Maryland Roof Repair
Laytonsville Gaithersburg, Md

Maryland Roof Repair Gaithersburg / Laytonsville  Md Roof Repair, Laytonsville / Gaithersburg: Many shingles were blown off and missing in this neighborhood (Hoover Farm).
Roofer mistake - missing end plug  As usual, no end plugs were installed by the builder, causing big leaks . . .
Unsealed Nail Heads  Also, the metal ridge vent nails were left unsealed, causing leaks and loosening of the vent sections.
Missing rubber end plug  More end plugs missing; 10 total.
Seal flu vent  The flashings on the flu vents always need sealing.  We use Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.  It lasts the life of the roof, and we feel it's the best roofing sealant on the market.
Repair metal ridge vent

Seal all nails with Geocel   After we screw down all of the metal ridge vents, we will seal the fasteners with Geocel.

Roof Contractor mistake blown through nails  All of the homes in this subdivision that had blow offs also had nail "blow through" - a condition caused by the pressure in the pneumatic roofing nailer being too high, and blowing the nail clear through the shingles.
Leaky plastic pipe collar   All of the plastic pipe collars are leaking and must be replaced.
Reseal umbrella flashing  Two gas exhaust vents need sealing on this roof.
"During" and "After" Pictures
New Moire Black shingles  New Certainteed Moire Black shingles being installed. 
Replace plastic pipe collar  Replace all four pipe collars.
Pipe flange leak
Two new aluminum / neoprene pipe collars  We use aluminum / neoprene pipe collars because they don't warp and cause water leaks like the old plastic type.
Geocel Sealant around collar  Geocel Tripolymer Sealant is added to resist wind driven rain . . .
Md pipe collar replacement
collar needs replacement  Pipe collars develop cracks after about 7 years; then start to leak.
Warped plastic pipe collar
Md Roof repair in progress
Excellent shingle cuts
Perfect roof repair  We take great care in getting all of the shingle cuts tight, and "pretty".
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  Professionally place bead of Geocel Sealant; this will last the life of the roof.
Flue vent seal
Metal ridge vent
Md metal ridge vent repair   Rubber end plugs finish the job off right, and are sealed with Geocel as well.

Seal roof nail heads  Geocel seals exposed nails -- and screws -- and prevents leaks for the life of the roof. 

Geocel leak prevention
Md Roof Repair Success  OK, another Md Roof Repair is a "done deal" and we're off to another . . .