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Md Roof & Chimney Repair

Md Roof Wall & Chimney Repair
 A home inspection on this house in Hollywood, Maryland revealed rotting
T-111 wood siding and plywood damage in the attic; so we're digging in . . .

Roof deck damage
 As expected, we have discovered plywood damage all the way up the exterior wall and around the chimney.  Now for the back . . .
Subroofing damage
 It's pretty bad plywood rot around the chimney, indicating that the chimney flashing was leaking for a long time.
Plywood damage around chimney
 It's the same story on the back of the chimney.
Chimney Flashing Leak
 . . . and on the right side as well.
Roof plywood rot
New roof deck
 OK, we've strategically cut the 1/2" plywood, removed it, and replaced with new 1/2" CDX plywood.  We used #10 coated sinker nails to fasten the new roof deck to the roof rafters.
New 1/2" CDX plywood
 New plywood was also installed on the right side of the chimney.
plywood roof repair
 . . . and on the rear of the chimney as well.  Evidently the flashing was leaking around the entire perimeter of the brick chimney.
new roof underlayment
 For the next step we've installed 30 pound roofing felt in the roofing and wall areas.
30 pound roofing felt
 Roofing tarpaper is applied around the chimney as well.
New roof tarpaper
 Now it's time to start nailing the 25 year 3-tab shingles.
Tarpaper with plasticaps
 Notice the orange plasticaps which are the preferred way to attach roofing felt to the roof deck.
Pro installed tarpaper
Md step flashing
 Integrating the step flashing into the shingles next to the wall is the proper method for waterproofing this area.  It's the overlap and weaving action that makes this system work properly.
chimney counter flashing
 After the step flashing has been applied in the same manner around the brick chimney, the custom made aluminum counter flashing is secured and permanently sealed with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.
Flashing with Geocel Sealant
 The custom made flashing assembly will keep the chimney and roof deck area leak free for years to come.
Md Roof Repair complete
 It's hard to imagine the amount of work caused by a simple chimney leak.  A simple roof maintenance program could have eliminated these repairs and expense.
Wood siding installation
 The roofing and flashing part of the project has been completed and now it's time to install the prestained T111 wood siding and the prepainted rake board and trim.
Roof repair completed
 A good amount of reconstruction work was done here; all resulting from a little water leak over a long period of time.
Md roof insurance job done