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New Roofs Laurel, Md

"Steve" Estimate

Roof Estimate Laurel Md

Wall Flashing Photo
Roof nail pop
Replace pipe collar
Leaky pipe collar
Ridge Vent Cross Section

Roof Diagram Laurel TH

"Mary" Estimate
Laurel Md roof estimate 2

Laurel Md Roof Diagram 2

The base price includes:
All new drip edge.
Ice and Water Shield at the eaves (bldg. code)
#15 tarpaper underlayment
New stepflashing at walls
New base flashings on porches.
All new neoprene-aluminum pipe collars.
Metal ridge vent extending all of the way across roof.
25 year Certainteed XT25 shingles, Weathered wood
10 year "no leak" warranty from Home Restorations Md
Cleaning and tightening gutters
Removal of all debris
Scouring yard with roofing magnet
Fixed Price Contract

Upgrade to "shingle over" type ridge vent (Shingle Vent II)
Upgrade to Berger UDL synthetic underlayment (mold resistant)

During and After Pictures
Roofing shingles on rooftop
Roofing Tarp on ground
Roofing Dump Truck
Nasty old roofing tarpaper
Townhouse roof Laurel Md
Ice and Water Shield underlayment
Laurel new roof #2
Shingle nailers in action
Certainteed XT25 shingles color: Weathered Wood
Old roofing felt being removed
New neoprene and aluminum pipe collar
Shingle Vent II Ridge Vent
New roof completed
Chalk lines keep the roofing straight
Another new pipe collar
Shingle Vent
Roof edge cut nice and straight
Chalk lines help keep cuts straight
New shingles in place
Very straight ridge vent
Picture of roofing nail magnet

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