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Md Roof Repair Gaithersburg Laytonsville

Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 1  Maryland Roof Repair Gaithersburg Laytonsville: More Certainteed Shingles are flying over Gaithersburg!  Yes, the winds are brutal in this area, and the XT25 roofing shingles are taking a beating.
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 2  Roofing jacks are the norm for safety on this steep 11/12 pitch roof.
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 3   We'll clean the nails up and get this ready for a good roof repair.
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 4  The wind has just taken these shingles and just ripped them from the roof deck!
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 5   We'll remove these black shingles too and get them to match better.
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 6
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 7  This roof has a lot of leaky spots.  We'll get 'em!
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 8  The new Moire Black shingles are matching the old Moire Black shingles pretty well.
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 9
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 10  Seams on the metal ridge vents are prone to leaks when the wind pulls the sections of vent apart . . .
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 11  Every nail, seam, gap, flashing will be sealed with Geocel Tripollymer Sealant!
Maryland Roof Repair #8 - 12  Here is the most overlooked potential leak spot on the roof; the flue vent flange (that is almost never sealed, by the way).
  The new aluminum / neoprene pipe collars are next.
 Geocel is applied for wind driven rain protection.
  Before: no rubber end plug! Over 90% are never installed -- and they're all leaks.
 After: new end plug!  Plus, the ridge vent is screwed down and sealed.
  Sealed for the life of this roof.
  New pipe collar #1 -- finished!
 #2 Pipe collar professionally installed.
 #3 Pipe Collar replacement as well.
 Yes, we've done another $247 Md Roofing Service, and on to the next one!