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Maryland Roof Repair Gaithersburg

Maryland Roof Repair Gaithersburg  Maryland Roof Repair Gaithersburg: Another wind blow home missing shingles in the Hoover Farm Subdivision in Gaithersburg / Laytonsville, Md.  Here we've installed some roof jacks for safety on this steep pitched 12/12 roof.
Wind damaged Md Roof  We'll pull out the remaining nails, then install new Certainteed Moire Black 25 year shingles where the wind took them off.
Leaking roof  When it comes to roofing shingles in this neighborhood, it's "only the strong survive."  Almost every home in this subdivision has had wind damage . . .
Missing shingle - leaking
Md Roofing Contractor goof  Here is a patch done by another roofer.  It takes experience to match shingles, and this guy missed!  Certainteed has two black colors: Moire Black, which is the original color, and "black", which is the color this roofing contractor used for the repair.  We'll take it off and make it match while we're here . . .
Md roof torn off  Boy, you can really see how the wind played havoc with these roofs!
Steep 9/12 roof pitch
Shingle Removal  OK, we've cleaned up the roofing surface, removed the old shingles, and now we're ready to fix some roof leaks!
Certainteed Moire Black Shingle Match  See how much better these shingles match the existing roofing?  Another year or two of weathering and nobody will be able to tell the difference.  Nice!