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Laytonsville Md Roof Repair

Laytonsville Md Roof Repair  Laytonsville Maryland Roof Repair:  Another home in the Hoover Farm Subdivision needs roof repairs from high wind shingle blowoffs.

Big ridge vent leak  First, as usual, all of the metal ridge vent end plugs were never installed, causing big leaks . . .
Flue flange leak  We will seal the flue vent flashings with Geocel.
Roofing nail leak  All ridge vents are loose -- all of the screws are backing out -- we will install screws and seal all of the metal ridge vents.
Big roofing nail leakage  More nails backing out from wind pressure, and expansion / contraction of the aluminum vent itself . . .
Metal ridge vent seam leak  Nails backing out near a seam cause big leaks; the vent acts sort of like a gutter and funnels the water into the seam crack, and into the attic.
Certainteed 25 year shingle blow offs   Many shingle tabs were blown off by the high winds this neighborhood experiences.
Vinyl dryer vent  I agreed to help with this bird nest inside the driyer vent . . .
Vent clogged with debris  There was some other stuff in there too.  Boy, with the straw and the plastic, this was actually a fire hazard.
Removing fire hazard
Cleaned out vent duct  OK, the ductwork is all clean, and ready for some dryer action.
Removable screen added  It's a good idea to install a removable screen, in case lint from the dryer accumulates in the screen -- it can be easily removed and cleaned out.

Leaky pipe collar  All of the plastic roof pipe collars were bad, as were all of the others in the neighborhood . . .

Cracked pipe collar leaking  This plastic base was cracked, causing a leak.

Roofer Goof - no tarpaper underlayment  Roofing felt missing?  That's just a bad installation by the builder's roofing contractor.

Geocel Sealant  Geocel tripolymer sealant is used around the base of the pipe collar to combat wind driven rain leaks.
New pipe collar  Pipe collar #2 with Geocel sealant.
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  Geocel also seals the flue vent.
Md Roof repaired with new shingles  Now all of the Certainteed XT25 shingles have been repaired . .  .
Ridge vent screwed down and sealed   . . . and the ridge vents have been screwed down with stainless steel screws, and resealed.
New pipe collar expertly installed   All of the pipe collars have been switched out.
New shingles around new pipe collar
Umbrella flashing sealed
Six new rubber end plugs  All new rubber end plugs, screws, sealant, and shingles have been properly and professionally repaired . . .
Md Dryer vent repaired  . . . and we went back to check on the dryer vent.  All is well.  Another Md Roof Repair Success, and on to the next one.