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Md Roof Repair
Laytonsville, Maryland

Laytonsville Md Roof Repair  Laytonsville Roof Repair: This home is also in the Hoover Farm Subdivision that was battered by wind.  We did more than 30 roof repairs in this neighborhood.
Shingle Damage Photo  Shingle damage to the roof consisting of Certainteed 25 year shingles.
Roof Nailing Problem  You can see the nail hole where the builder's roofer "blew through" the shingle.
New Shingle Installed  New shingles installed and sealed with Geocel.
Pipe collar #1  Replacing all the pipe collars with new units.
Pipe collar #1 replaced
Pipe collar #3
Pipe collar #1 replaced sealed with Geocel  Pipe collar #1 being replaced.  New neoprene aluminum pipe collars were installed and sealed with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.
Pipe collar #2 repaired  Photo of pipe collar #2.
Pipe collar #3 leak fixed  Photo of pipe collar #3.
pipe collar leak fixed
roof leak #2 fixed
pipe collar #3 leak fixed and sealed  All three pipe collars successfully replaced . . .
reseal flu vent leak
flu vent leak professionally resealed  And the umbrella flashing on the heating pipe professionally resealed with Geocel.
metal ridge vent end plugs  Six rubber end plugs on the metal ridge vents fixed six leaks.

metal ridge vent screws  The ridge vents were screwed down and sealed with Geocel.  They will last the life of this roof.

roof screws sealed with Geocel
missing ridge vent plug equals leak  Just imagine that big gap being left by the builder.  It's true!  More than nine out of ten (closer to 10 out of 10) metal ridge vents are left this way on all homes.  They're all leaks, folks!
New ridge vent end plug  Another $247 repair done . . . and on to the next one.