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Md Roof Repair - Ridge Vent
Potomac, Maryland

Potomac Md Roof Repair  Potomac Md Roof Repair Job: Metal ridge vent was blown off in high winds. Ridge vent blow offs occur often in Maryland.
Metal ridge vent sealed with Geocel  Before installing any metal vent, we first apply a continuous line of Geocel Tripolymer Sealant; something that I have never seen done by any builder -- yet!
Metal ridge vent installation  OK, we are ready to install the new metal vent.
Attach ridge vent with screws  Then we install stainless steel screws to eliminate any further wind problems.
New metal ridge vent installed  Screws insure that the metal ridge vent never comes off.  This model is made by Air-Vent, Inc -- a Certainteed Company.
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  Next, the screws are covered with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant to guard against leaks.
Loose Metal Ridge Vent  The older sections of ridge vent were also serviced, using screws and Geocel.
Stainless steel screws hold ridge vent
Ridge Vent Rubber End plug  End plugs are almost never installed by the builder, so the ends of most metal ridge vents are by default "big leaks".  We install the proper rubber end plugs and seal.
Loose metal ridge vent  Most ridge vents are loosely held by roofing nails and are usually loose.  We fix that with Geocel and screws.
Loose vent nails
Geocel sealant
leaky pipe collar on roof  This old pipe collar was a BIG leak.  The rubber seal usually lasts seven years, then cracks.  Pipe collars may leak for years before the water is discovered; by then mold has usually infested some insulation and drywall; both of which usually need to be replaced . . .
Bad pipe collar  This pipe collar is in pretty bad shape.
New roofing pipe boot  The new pipe collar is in place and sealed -- ready for many more years of service. We're done here, and on to the next Md Roof Repair . . .