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Md Shingle Repair
Upper Marlboro Maryland

Upper Marlboro Md Shingle Roof Repair
 Upper Marlboro Md Shingle Repair: This home was missing some shingles and needed flashing repairs.
TAMKO shingles missing on roof
 This leaky roof had been missing shingles for a while; however, the OSB (oriented strand board) was discolored but still intact and structurally sound.  The shingles are TAMKO color: weathered wood.
Shingles Repaired
 The new shingles have been installed, nailed properly, sealed with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant . . . and the California Valley has been cut.
Metal Ridge Vent renailed
 All ridge vent nails were loose, so they were tightened, screws were installed, and everything was sealed with Geocel.
Metal ridge vent sealed
200 feet of ridge vent serviced
 About 200 linear feet of metal ridge vent was resealed and serviced.
shingles installed incorrectly
 The shingles around the flu flashing were improperly installed and leaking, so new TAMKO weathered wood shingles were installed . . .
flu flashing repair
flu flashing sealed
 . . . and Geocel Tripolymer Sealant was used to guard against wind driven rain.
shingles around flu flashing
 No more leaks here; the heater flu flashing is a done deal!
Pipe collar repair
 Now for the pipe collar replacement.  Pipe collar #1 is under repair . . .
Pipe collar #1 installed
 . . . and that's it.  Installed with new shingles -- and sealed with Geocel.
pipe collars complete
 Pipe collar #2 is installed as well.  On to the next Md Roof Repair . . .

$247 Maryland Roof Repair Special Performed as follows:

  • Replaced all missing shingles
  • Sealed 200 feet of ridge vent
  • Replaced all pipe collars
  • Corrected and sealed heater flue flashing
  • Tightened all gutters
  • Cleaned gutters and downspouts
  • Two (2) year "no leak" warranty