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New Roof Columbia, Maryland Md

New Roof Columbia Md

A good color choice by the owners helped update this Columbia, Maryland home from a standard 3 Tab "boring" roof to a beautifully modern Architectural Shingle look.

Certainteed's Landmark 30 - a thirty year shingle in "Colonial Slate" added some spice   . . . in fact, we had several neighbors drop by and tell us how great it looked!  We'll be doing a few more roofs in the neighborhood soon.

Old shingles were removed to expose an unblemished OSB board subroof and then the real reroofing work began.

First, custom made aluminum drip edge was installed -- we purposely make it a full 6 inches so that the 3 foot layer of "ice and water shield" has plenty of surface area to permanently adhere to. Store bought drip edge just doesn't have enough surface area for proper sealing -- so we manufacture our own.

What's that mean?  No more ice dams and better protection of the moisture sensative OSB board subroofing.  That's nice, considering the kind of winters we've been having lately in Maryland.

Next, synthetic underlayment was added.  Why synthetic?  Because it's virtually waterproof, resists MOLD, and protects much better than that old fashioned tarpaper that the "other guys" use.

Moving up the roof to the ridge vent, our technicians widened the ridge vent slot -- allowing stagnant hot air to move out of the attic more quickly -- and helping lower air conditioning bills.  In the winter, it will allow for more air flow, reducing water vapor in the attic and discouraging possible mold growth.

Then there's the Shingle Vent II Ridge Vent System by Air-Vent -- the best "shingle-over" ridge vent on the market.  We've been installing them for over 25 years and our customers love 'em (we do too!).

The Shingle Vent II moves more air than traditional ridge vents because of a kind of "space age" lip Air Vent incorporates to actually pull more air out of the attic; much better than the competition's.  Plus, it looks better because it's designed to have shingles actually nailed over the peak of the vent.  Just beautiful!

Finally, the custom formed aluminum flashing finishes off the roof system, and some strategically placed Geocel Tripolymer Sealant protects the exposed nail heads on the caps and screws on the flashings.

Thanks, Columbia, Maryland.  These roofers will be back real soon.

Columbia Md Roof Diagram
New Roof Installation Columbia Md
Custom aluminum flashing
Shingle Vent II Ridge Vent Columbia Roof Job
Roof Nail Magnet
New Roof Completed Columbia Maryland

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