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New Certainteed Roof
Townhouse: Laurel, Md

"Before" Video

Replace 25 year 3-tab shingle roof:
1. Remove existing shingles and tarpaper.
2. Replace water damaged plywood.
3. Install titanium UDL synthetic underlayment.
4. Install new Certainteed XT25 shingles
5. Install three new pipe collars
6. Install Shingle Vent II ridge vent system in place of leaky metal ridge vent.
7. Clean and tighten gutters.
8. Remove all debris from job site.
9. Remove nails from job site with special roofing magnet.
10. 10-year "no leak" labor warranty.
11. 25 year warranty on shingles by Certainteed Corp. (manufacturer)

"During and After" Video

When Home Restorations Md installs a new roof, we don't do it the old fashioned way. Why? Because the old fashioned materials and methods don't usually take into account new and "green" technologies designed to last longer and save energy.

For example: let's look at attic ventilation. By using the Certainteed Shingle Vent II ridge vent system that moves more hot/humid air from the attic than conventional vents, a homeowner knows that they will save on heating and cooling costs. They're also likely to increase the life of their new roofing and underlayment.

By utilizing Certainteed's WinterGuard "ice and water shield" and Home Restoration's custom made aluminum drip edge, ice dams will be controlled during the winter. That usually means NO interior damage and prolonged life of plywood underlayment . . .

The Titanium UDL Synthetic underlayment does a MUCH better job waterproofing than old fashioned "tar paper", and resists mold.

New super galvanized nails hold the shingles better and last longer.

Newer technology in shingle manufacturing gives the roof a lower profile that can be more resistant to wind blow-offs.

Add to that Certainteed's superior product warranty and Home Restorations extended labor warranty -- and you have a winning combination. And don't forget that every roofing job includes a "yard cleaning" with a fancy, nail grabbing roofing magnet.

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