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Md New Roof
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

New Roof Upper Marlboro Md  New Roof Upper Marlboro, Maryland: This home was ready for a new roof; and since the existing roof shingles were very flat (as opposed to curling), one of the options available was a roof over.  Only about 10% of the roofs that I inspect actually qualify for a "roof over".

Roofing Preparations for shingles  Shingle Rake Edges:  When doing a "roof over" we always cut back the existing shingles so that only the newly applied shingles can be seen from the ground.

Getting ready for roofing starter strips   Cutting the third Course of Shingles: This is a "super secret" technique that I use to flatten out the first couple of new courses of shingles when installing a re-roof.  Well, maybe it's not such a secret anymore; but that's OK. 

Chalk lines on Roof in Md  Chalk lines:  I always use chalk lines to keep the new shingles in perfect alignment.  Also notice that the joints are "staggered" to keep the new roof really flat.

Cutting the Roofing with a Hook Blade  One of the cool things about this method is that I can chalk a line for the rake edge and cut the shingles perfectly straight.  It looks great!
Nice Straight Roof Rake Edge   Cutting the Rake Edges with a Hook Blade: After the edge has been chalked to overhang about one inch, we cut along the line, using it as a guide.  Now that's a really straight edge!
Too much tar on roof   Too much Tar and Goop!  Notice all that tar that some other roofer used to prevent leaks?  Here's the correct formula: More tar smeared around = More Leaks!
I see this major roofing mistake made all the time, and I am amazed at the lack of knowledge of my predecessors!
How to Find a Roof Leak   Big Roof Leak: This tiny little crack was responsible for the drywall damage in the upstairs bedroom -- it's what happens when an inexperienced "roofer" smears roofing tar all over a plastic or rubber pipe collar.  The petroleum distillates in the tar cause the plastic to distort; and, well you can see what happened.

How to Install a Roof Pipe Collar  Geocel Tripolymer Sealant:  If it weren't for wind driven rain this sealant would not be necessary; but in this area, it's a MUST.  By the way, Geocel Tripolymer is the best sealant on the market -- it's compatible with rubber and asphalt, and pretty much seals for a lifetime . . . it's the only sealer we use.

New Pipe Collars installed in Md
Replace Old Aluminum Ridge Vent
New metal ridge vent being installed
Seal Down the Metal Ridge Vent   Sealing Down the Metal Ridge Vent is a step almost all roofers just skip.  It's necessary, but I'd say that 99% of the old vents I remove have no sealant!  No, actually I think it's 99.9%!  The sealant helps preserve the underlayment and adds to the efficiency of the ridge vent system.
New Aluminum Ridge Vent by Air-Vent
Reroofing Upper Marlboro Md porch
Velux Skylight in Maryland
Installing Satellite Dish on Roof   Satellite Dishes mounted on the Roof can be kind of tricky, but we actually remove each let of the tripod -- one-at-a-time -- so that we can relocate the unit properly, in the same holes under the new roofing.  Then we seal the bolts with Geocel for a perfectly waterproof system.
New Air-Vent Ridge Vent System   Geocel Sealant again; this time for covering the screw heads on the satellite tripod.
Roof Jacks  Roof Jacks are a good way to keep us on the roof without damaging the new shingles; they fasten under the new shingle tabs so the screws / nails don't penetrate the surface . . .
Roof Jacks for Roofing Safety
Painting Pipe Collars in Maryland   Rust Inhibiting Paint on the Roof Pipes:  On this project in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, we painted the pipes with Rustoleum Brand Paint -- it's a great preservative and lasts forever.  Notice that the rubber boots weren't painted -- for the same reason you don't put tar on rubber and plastic.
Pipe collar installed in Upper Marlboro Md
New Certainteed Horizon Roof in Upper Marlboro Maryland   The new Certainteed Horizon Roofing Shingles carry a manufacturer's warranty of 30 years, and Home Restorations warrants the labor against leaks for ten (10) full years.