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Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City Md Roof Repair

Ocean City Maryland - This home in the Fenwick Island area of Ocean City had some shingles missing . . . not uncommon at the beach.  Several nor'easters blow through every year, taking their toll on shingles, flashings, pipe collars, and the owners nerves.

No problem, though.  Our Roof Repair Special is the "ticket".  Professional and affordable repairs with before, during and after digital pictures posted online; just like you see here.  You can check up on us without having to climb a ladder.

Our roofing customers love the service, they love the pictures and video, and we're glad to help with the "peace of mind" issues as well.  Thanks, OC,

bill thomas

Shingle Repair Ocean City

GAF Autum Brown replacement shingles
Leaky pipe collar
Pipe collars replaced with new units