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Before Pictures: Ocean City, Md
Community Roofing Issues
Ocean City Md Roofing Services

OC Md pipe collar replacement
EPDM rubber roof repair
Flashing Repairs and Flashing Replacement
Subroofing Problems
EPDM Membrane Repair
Repair pipe collar leaks
Skylight Replacement
Skylight leak repair

During and After Ocean City Roof Repair Pictures
Ocean City Md Roof Repairs
These were the primary roof repair areas, involving the EPDM surface, pipe collars, and weathered wood shingles.  The EPDM should be sealed with "joint sealant" -- some seams were lightly sealed but most were not sealed at all, resulting in water penetration and premature failure.  Sealing the seams with the proper product could extend the life of this roof several years.

Roof Leak Unit 19
Roofing Sealant Mistake
Big EPDM leak
Roof leak unit 19
Roof leak sealed, primed, and patched
New Weathered Wood Architectural Shingles
Pipe collar leaks unit 20
Big leak unit 20
Incorrectly applied pipe collar
Poor workmanship on pipe collar
Old roof collar should have been replaced years ago
New EPDM installed
New aluminum and neoprene pipe collar
Roof leak fixed
Roof leak unit 20
New EPDM joint seal
Another leak unit 20
Weathered wood Architectural Shingle
Improper and damaging sealant
Rubber roof separation
Roof membrane punctured by nail
Roof flashing tape installed
Seam and hole repaired
Wall flashing and joint seal
Multiplle layers of EPDM repair
Roof shingle and EPDM joint integration
Seam leaks from improper joint sealing
pipe collar leak
Flashing joint leaks
EPDM leaks repaired
Bad workmanship on attempted repair
Architectural shingles repaired
Pipe collar repaired and sealed
General area between units 17 through 20
Many seams were never sealed
Admiral's Bridge Units 21 and 20

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