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Repair Townhouse Roof
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Gaithersburg Md townhouse roof repair  Townhouse Roof Repair Gaithersburg, Md: This roof was leaking in many places mostly due to shoddy workmanship provided by a roofer who the homeowner "couldn't find anywhere".  Sorry folks, it happens.  Most Md roofing repairs we correct are a result of someone doing something wrong . . . or poorly.
Replace wall flashing and trim  The wall flashings were done poorly; especially where they integrated with the siding and shingles.
Seal with Geocel Sealant  Here's the first of several big leaks.  The top floor ceiling in this Maryland Townhouse was just littered with water stains . . .
Remove vinyl siding  Geocel Tripolymer Sealant was used here to correct the siding leak.
Remove siding trim  As we disassemble the step flashing we will be discovering the roofing problem.
Remove roofing shingles  Townhouse chimney chases often leak because there are so many possible points of entry; some of which occur way above the roofing surface (siding, flu vent flashing, chimney crown flashing, etc.)
Correct step flashing  Often, the builder flashes around the chimney box incorrectly.
Repair step flashing
Seal siding corner post against leaks  This leak above the siding corner post was a big one.  Water was flowing just fine off of the chimney crown flashing (like it's supposed to); but it was funneled directly into the corner post and into the upstairs bedroom.
Replace roofing shingles  To make matters worse, the siding crew never covered the holdes they made for the pump jacks -- the scaffolding erected during the building phase.
Remove roofing nails  Also, during the reroofing process, many of the pneumatic nails were blown completely through the shingles, causing problems.
Install new roofing nails
Roofing nails poorly installed
Correct roof nail position  In addition, the nails were placed improperly; causing the new roofing shingles to be more prone to "blowoffs", and voiding the manufacturer's roof warranty.
Big roof leak  Here's a hole that the roofing company left . . . causing a big, huge leak.  Not good, folks; but we see this stuff all of the time.  It's one reason we offer these pictures.
Remove vinyl siding  We're removing siding to discover (hopefully) where the side wall water leak originates.
Correct siding leak   Oops!  There's one big siding leak right in the corner . . .
Wall step flashing issues  And a gaping hole that would never have been found if we didn't start disassembling things.  The worst part, I think, is that the guy who originally covered this up KNEW that it would leak . . . big time!   Wow.
New step flashing  New stepflashing integrated with new shingles will solve the roof leak.
Step flashing installed properly
Add new trim board  We decided to solve the siding problem "once and for all" by installing a permanent prepainted piece of wood trim.
Roof and wall leaks now fixed   Now all the wall leaks have been fixed.
Roof leak corrected with trim and sealant  And we have closed the gaping hole with trim, flashing, and OSI QUAD caulking (siding sealant).
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  OK, here's where the siding guy made a big mistake . . . it forces the water to run off under the aluminum trim . . . not good!  About the best we can do here is try to seal the edge with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.  It should work OK.
Geocel solves the leak
Chimney crown flashing contained
Siding corner post sealed
Step flashing on chimney cricket  The chimney flashing was also done incorrectly, so we are weaving step flashing into the shingles, as required.  Remember, this area was covered by siding and no one would have known it wasn't done right unless the siding was removed . . .
Chimney flashing repaired  OK, now the roofing around the cricket is leakproof.
Gaithersburg roof repair complete  . . . and we are done.  I guess the moral of the story here is how valuable it can be to ask for pictures of the work; before, during and after.  How many blatant acts of shoddy workmanship did we see here . . . ten or more?  Yes, I know, it's amazing.