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Md Ridge Vent Repair 
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Ridge Vent Squirrel Damage

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Md Ridge Vent Repair Feedback

Gaithersburg Md Ridge Vent Repair Customer Feedback



Ridge Vent Repair - Squirrel Damage Video

Squirrels Gone Wild!  Critters Attack Maryland Roof and Invade Attic!

If you live in the woods of Maryland, then in the winter time your roof and accessories are prone to "Squirrel Attacks" -- and these little varmints travel in packs and can do some real damage to your home's roof, shingles, and flashings.

That's what happened to this Maryland Family, and when the darling little creatures started partying all night in their attic, it was time for action. They searched online and found Home Restorations, where Bill Thomas came to the rescue, fixed the damaged roof, and took measures to permanantly (hopefully) keep the squirrels from returning.

In this video you'll see how the roof repairs were made, then documented with before-during-and-after pictures of the process. Bill says that the reason he posts their pictures online is because homeowners "can't see what they're getting" from the ground and often get scammed by so called "roofers" or "handyman services" that either cut corners or simply can't do the work properly. It seems like a no brainer, but "nobody in our area is doing anything like this," says Bill.

For a limited time, Bill's Company, Home Restorations of Maryland is offering a $247 Md roof repair program with a two-year-no-leak-warranty; that price, by the way, covered everything you see in this video. A real bargain . . .