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Roof Repair Laytonsville Maryland
Missing Shingles, Pipe Collars, Ridge Vent

Roof repair Laytonsville Md  Roof Repair Laytonsville Md: On this Md Roof Repair Inspection we found missing shingles, pipe collar leaks, loose and leaking ridge vents, and some other problems.
Md ridge vent leak  Many nails on the metal ridge vents had backed out and were causing roof leaks.  This is a pneumatic roof nail that will be replaced with a stainless steel screw.
Loose Metal Ridge Vent  Ouch!  This vent has come almost all the way off and will be a giant leak when some wind driven rain shows up!
Vent end cap missing  Plus, as always, a big ridge vent leak resulting from a non-existent rubber end plug.
Ridge vent roof leak  No vent plugs were found in the ten locations that they were required.
10 Rubber end plugs replaced  Screws, plugs, and Geocel Tripolymer Sealant will eliminate the present leaks.
10 roof leaks repaired
Metal ridge vent screws  Water leaks can be major leaks at the ridge vent seams because of the natural "gutter effect" of the units.  Sealant placed between the overlaps is squeezed by the stainless screws, forming a perfect seal.
Perfect vent installation   There, now doesn't that ridge vent look better?  It's leakproof.
shingle roof leak  Many Certainteed XT25 Moire Black shingles were blown off, mostly because of the improper nailing of the builder's roofer.
roof wind damage
Improper roof nailing  When shingles are improperly nailed, it gives more "leverage" to the wind which is just "dead set" on removing them . . .
md roof damage  Here's what I mean by the "leverage".  The other disadvantage the existing shingles have is that as they age, the sealing strip loses it's effectiveness, making the roofing nails the last protection against "blow offs".
New repair shingles  After we properly nail the new replacement shingles in place, we use Geocel Tripolymer Sealant to stick the shingles down permanently because the sealing strips are now ineffective . . .
New roof repair
Roof leak  Next, we will address the leaky plastic pipe collars.
pipe collar roof leak fixed  Pipe collars are a prime source for water leaks and must be repaired or replaced aboout every seven years or so . . .
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  During the replacement stage we can add Geocel around the flange to eliminate wind driven rain leaks.
Leak Repaired  This new aluuminum / neoprence pipe collar has been professionally installed.  Nice!
md pipe collar leak  Pipe collar #2 is leaking as well and must be replaced.
new aluminum pipe collar  New pipe flange being installed.
Prevents wind driven rain  Now, the Geocel for proper wind driven rain protection.
perfectly installed pipe collar
Plastic pipe collar leak
Install new pipe collar
New pipe collar
Geocel protective sealant
professional pipe collar installation
leaky pipe flange
certified pipe collar replacement
shingle replacement  All four (4) pipe collars have now been replaced with new aluminum units . . . sealed against wind driven rain, and integrated with new Certainteed XT25 Moire Black shingles.  This system will likely last the life of this roof.
Geocel Sealant permanent leak protection  Diverter or "umbrella" flashing is sealed with Geocel to eliminate one additional roof leak . . .
Goodbye old leaks  . . . and there's the crusty old plastic pipe collars.  Good riddance!
$247 Maryland Roof Repair completed  This $247 Roof Repair is complete, and we're on to the next . . . we won't be satisfied until we repair every roof leak in Maryland!