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$247 Maryland Roof Repair
Holland Meadow Lane
Gaithersburg, Md 20882

$247 Gaithersburg Md Roof Repair  $247 Maryland Roof Repair, Holland Meadow Lane, Gaithersburg, Md: Our inspection of this roof in Gaithersburg revealed the "normal" problems in this neighborhood . . . blown off and missing shingles,  leaky pipe collars, loose metal ridge vents, and some other roof repair issues.
shingles damaged by wind   What's the #1 Reason that Shingles Blow Off in Maryland?  You may be surprised by the answer . . .  Most homeowners would say it's the wind.  Well, that IS the obvious response; but the underlying cause just may be that the shingles were nailed improperly by the roofing contractor.
shingles missing on roof deck  In fact, that was the case on this home in the Hoover Farm Subdivision of Montgomery County . . . where the homes are more exposed to high winds, and where the wind finds every roofing flaw and blows the shingles around the neighborhood like tumbleweeds.
Improper shingle nailing  Take a look at how far "off the mark" these roofing nails are.  That gives the wind more leverage to easily lift the shingles away from the roof deck.
pneumatic roof nailer  . . . and if that weren't bad enough, many of the roofing nails were actually "blown through" the shingles because the Pneumatic Roof Gun operator did not pay attention to his air pressures.  Too much air pressure = too much force which always pushes the nail through the shingle . . . resulting in damaging the shingles and making it easier for westerly winds to blow the shingles right off the roof . . .
poor roofer nailing  Here's another roofer goof.  What's holding that shingle down on the right?
Md shingle repair  Another missing shingle, courtesy of the previous roofer.
Metal Ridge Vent Leak  Here's another situation we see all the time: no rubber end plugs in the metal ridge vent.  As you can imagine, these are ALWAYS leaks!
Roof pipe collar leak  Pipe collars, especially the plastic version, need maintenance every seven years.  I don't think that's spelled out in the "Homeowner's Handbook," so it's not your fault that you don't know it.  All of the pipe collars in the entire neighborhood were leaking to some degree.
Roof pipe collar maintenance  The best way to handle these leaks is to have new aluminum / neoprene pipe collars installed.  That guarantees that leaky areas around the pipe collar are addressed as well. 
Plastic pipe collar
New aluminum pipe collar  The integration of the new pipe collar and the surrounding shingles is critical.  Here you can see the Geocel Tripolymer Sealant placed around the collar to eliminate the intrusion of wind drive rain.
Geocel sealant resists wind driven rain  All of the pipe collars are handled the same way . . .
New pipe collar

Moire Black shingle  This is how a pipe collar should look when installed by a professional roofing contractor.  Note that the new Certainteed XT25 Moire Black shingles match the existing roofing, too.

Ridge vent leak fixed  The rubber end seals on the metal ridge vents are sealed and secured with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant and will be there until the home is ready for a new roof.
Roof Diverter flange seal  One of the most important areas that is almost never addressed is this diverter flange on the heat exhaust.  This leak usually ends up in the basement, if it makes it that far.  Geocel Tripolymer Sealant is the key here; it will last longer than the existing roof, for sure . . .
Roof diverter flashing  This home had two heat exhaust systems, and therefore two diverter leaks.
Maryland Roof Repair  OK, another successful $247 Md Roof Repair completed, and we're on to the next one. . .