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Md Roof Repair
Olney Maryland

Repair Roof in Olney Maryland    Olney Md Roof Repair - The first step toward fixing any roof is to properly asses the condition of the roof and find the known problem.  It's also a good time to inspect the entire roof in general and perform any "maintnenance" items that have been neglected.

Aluminum Counterflashing  Wall Flashing, counter flashing, and sealant is inspected here.

Finding the Roof Leak  The roof leak has been identified - Improper installation of the downspout was the cause.  The lack of fastening straps resulted in the metal cutting through the shingles over time.  We'll fix the roof and then secure the downspout.

Sealing the Ridge Vent   Every ridge vent nail needed resealing which is fairly normal.  We'll install screws and apply Geocel Tripolymer Sealant which will last for many, many years.

During and After Pictures
Removing shingles around the leaking area   We start the shingle repair by removing some shingles to inspect the damage.

Finding the roof leak   During the leak inspection we got lucky; there was a plywood seam right where the leak originated and the water flowed freely and was not trapped.  As a result, there was only surface discoloration of the plywood, and just removing the old tarpaper and a little "drying out" was all that was needed.
Installing new 30# roofing felt   Next, 30 Pound Roofing Felt was installed before applying new shingles.

Overlapping roofing felt, shingles, and flashing  Here you can see how the flashing, new shingles, and the tarpaper are overlapped for maximum effectiveness.

New Certainteed XT25 Moire Black Shingles   Very nice, things are coming together, all the new Certainteed XT25 Shingles are installed, sealed in place, and the aluminum counter flashing has also been sealed.

Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  Counter Flashing sealed with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.  We don't cut corners with sealant; Geocel is the best available for roofing applications.

Clogged aluminum downspout   This aluminum downspout "B elbow" was packed solid with debris, causing constant dripping into the hole formed by the shingle puncture.

Roof Magnet  Special Roofing Magnet.  Have you ever seen one of these?  We've picked up hundreds of pound of stray roofing nails that most other contractors would not even be able to find . . .

Downspout attached properly   Extra fasteners were applied to keep the downspout in place and protect the new roof repair.
Moire black shingle color   We installed Certainteed XT25 Moire Black Shingles to match the existing shingles, and even though the roof was several years old, the color match was excellent!
Exposed and rusting ridge vent nails   Standard Roofing Cement leaves nail heads unprotected, rusting, and leaking after a few years . . .
Geocel Sealant on metal ridge vent   . . . which is why we use Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.  I've been back to see jobs we did over 25 years ago . . . and the Geocel is still intact and maintaining its' seal.
Picture of successful Maryland roof repair   OK, another successful Md roof leak repair, another happy customer, and we're on to the next one.