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Maryland Roof Repair Special
Gaithersburg-Laytonsville Md

Maryland Roof Repair Special Gaithersburg Laytonsville Md  Maryland Roof Repair Special, Gaithersburg / Laytonsville, Md: Our roof inspection revealed missing shingles, leaking pipe collars, metal ridge vents coming off, and a clogged dryer vent that was actually routed throught the roof!
Gutter Cleaning  The first order of business was cleaning the gutters . . .
All gutters need cleaning
metal ridge vent leak  Standard metal ridge vent problem: No end plugs causing big leaks.  These leaks don't usually show up in the house; they just drip water into the insulation and provide moisture and humidity for mold growth.
Big leak metal ridge vent
Repair Ridge Vent
Roof Diverter Flashing  Reseal both umbrella flashings; they're both leaking.  These leaks you usually don't see unless water runs all the way to the basement . . .
Ridge Vent Leaks  All of the ridge vents are loose and the nail penetrations are leaking.
Fix ridge vent leaks  New stainless steel screws will keep the metal ridge vents tight on the roof and once they're sealed with Geocel they will be completely leak free.
Air Vent ridge vent repaired  The screws make a big, big difference . . . no more worries!
pipe collar roof leaks  All four pipe collars need replacement.
new pipe collar  New pipe collar being installed.
new roof collar  Good shingle integration and sealed against wind driven rain.  The shingles are XT25 by Certainteed . . . 25 year 3-tab shingles.
roof deck leaks  Two more leaky pipe collars on a 10/12 pitch roof deck.
vinyl dryer vent
During and After Pictures:
dryer roof vent  On this roof, a bathroom vent housing served as a dryer vent.  It was completely clogged . . .
roof vent problem  . . . and because it was clogged, a moisture problem resulted at the roof deck.
dryer vent clogged  We unpacked the years of link packed tightly in the vent cover.
Geocel Tripolymer Sealant  . . . and sealed the surface of the vent flashing with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant to make sure the humid air transferred to the outdoors, and not the plywood deck.
fix vent flashing  . . . and then applied shingles to the exterior . . . sealing them in a "bead" of Geocel.
vent flashing and shingles
roof leak fixed  Now it's watertight, AND the humid air is allowed to escape without doing damage to the roof deck or providing moisture for mold in the attic.
Two roof leaks  Dual pipe collars are being installed.
Aluminum / neoprene pipe collars
Two roof leaks repaired  Two new neoprene / aluminum collars integrated with the Certainteed XT25 shingles and sealed against wind driven rain with Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.
Roof nail gun  Pneumatic Roofing Nailer.  Notice the guage?  That allows us to adjust the air pressure as conditions change; making the nail driving perfect!  I've never seen any other roofer take this precautionary measure.
PIpe collar flashing  . . . and, as you probably know by now, I'm the biggest proponent for Geocel Tripolymer Sealant.  It's a high performance sealer that will actually outlast the existing roof.  Why don't other roofers use it?  Because it's expensive . . . about 5 times more than the stuff you buy at Home Depot.  But it lasts more than five times longer -- so it ends up costing a lot less in the long run.  And anything that can free you from roof maintenance and worry is a good thing.
Md roof repair  Now that's a nice pipe collar job!
All pipe collars replaced  Every one of our pipe flashing installations get the Geocel Treatment against wind driven rain.  Some roofers say it isn't necessary, but I totally disagree.  I just think it's an extra step that most roofing contractors don't bother with.  It helps.
Ridge vent leak  How far does water have to go to get into the attic through this hole?  Looks to me like its about 6".  And that's the kind of leak that almost never shows up in the house . . . it just soaks the insulation and ignites mold spores.
Ridge vent repair
Roof leaks eliminated  This metal ridge vent won't leak again; nor will it blow off.  No worries.
Rubber vent plug
Geocel flange seal  Now THAT looks a lot better . . . and it will last the life of this roof!
Md Roof Repair  Sealed, serviced, and protected -- better than when it was first installed (for sure!).  We're off to another $247 Md Roof Repair . . .