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New Roof
Silver Spring, Maryland

New Roof Silver Spring Maryland
  New Roof Silver Spring Maryland: This house is one of the "Ten Percenters" that has an existing roof that is flat enough to roof over.  The homeowner will get the same 30 year roof with the same warranty -- and save about 35% -- and today that's a lot!

Roof worn but flat  The existing roof is flat -- not curling -- with 20 year shingles (very thin) -- perfect for the roof over.
shingle granule loss
major granule loss  Heavy to moderate granule loss is evident on many of the shingles.

missing shingle  . . . and there are some missing shingles as well.

big roof leak  Here's a nice leak!
replace chimney flashing  Chimney flashing looks OK, but we'll replace it.
roof view
replace leaky pipe collar  Of course all of the old leaky pipe collars get replaced.
inspect plywood issues  There are some plywood issues that will get investigated and repaired if necessary.
commence roofing  OK, we're ready for the shingle delivery.  You can see the chalk lines on the upper left.
plywood sagging  Here is the plywood issue; looks like a slight leak in the ridge vent caused the OSB (oriented strand board) to buckle a little bit.  We will replace it with 1/2" CDX.
plywood being replaced  Cutting out the old plywood.
cut out underlayment  Notice that we cut it halfway on top of the trusses.
new plywood installed  . . . and now the new plywood is in place, ready for synthetic underlayment and new Horizon Shingles.
Certainteed Horizon Shingle  The new shingles are looking pretty good!
roof view of shingles  Bird's eye view from the roof across the street (we're doing that one next).
California valley cut
 Nice, straight California Cut in the valley; looks great!
Ca valley cut  Everything on the new roof is nice and straight, and perfectly flat.
New pipe collar  Pipe collar and bathroom vent cover (flashing).
roof satellite dish  We always remove the satellite dish, reroof, and then put the dish brackets back over the same holes so that there are no connection issues.
Shingle Vent II  Shingle Vent II ridge vent system: a truly "green" ventilation product because it uses natural convection and "venturi" action to remove air and moisture from the attic -- no electrical energy necessary.  In fact, this system will move more air than your average attic fan.
shingle vent II top view  Ridge vent nice and straight!
shingle vent II angled view
custom wall flashing  New custom made aluminum flashing is always installed where necessary.
showcase roof picture  Now that's a showcase roof.
Silver Spring Roof Job Picture

Silver Spring Roof Job Photo  Silver Spring Md Roof Over successfully completed.  Shingles are Certainteed's Horizon Line, color graystone.  Picture taken from across the street on a neighbor's roof that we also "roofed over".